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    Be at the forefront of personalized marketing for your clients

    Deliver the most current and holistic consumer data

    It's About Personalization

    Deliver the highest form of personalization

    Replace time spent piecing together datapoints from client sources and multiple third-party data vendors with a single source of consumer-volunteered data. Marteq paints the full digital story so you can deliver on ambitious marketing goals for your brand clients.

    Stay Focused on Marketing

    Not legal issues

    Data privacy regulations are gaining momentum. You’re often the processor and controller of consumer data for your clients. Ensuring compliance with the latest regulations is a headache and is costly. With the Marteq consumer-first platform, avoid getting tangled up in the latest privacy regulations by receiving consumer data with all the permissions.

    Sidestep Big Tech

    Loosen Big Tech's grip on consumer data

    Increased regulations have huge ad networks - Google, Facebook - taking the opportunity to centralize consumer data as it’s a means to strengthen their hold on the consumer data marketplace. Sidestep Big Tech. Reduce the cost to reach the target audience your clients need. And receive a more accurate, holistic digital story with extended zero-party data.

  • What is extended zero-party data?

    Glad you asked.

    First, what is zero-party data? It’s data that consumers want your clients to have. Consumers proactively and deliberately share it with clients in exchange for incentives. In other words, it’s volunteered data that includes preferences, purchase intent, and personal context. By coming directly from the consumer, it enables true personalization. But, on its own, it’s just a slice of the consumer’s digital story.

    That’s where extended zero-party data comes in. Every day, consumers create tens of thousands of data points while online. We’ve created a platform where the consumer is able to collect and share all of their online activity. Consumers are empowered, Big Tech is out of the way, and your clients surprise and delight consumers by using compliant and holistic data instead of guesswork.

  • About Us

    Every day, marketers strive to cut through the noise to win over the hearts and minds of consumers. In doing so, they spend tens of billions of dollars a year on digital advertising through ad network giants. It’s an uphill battle, with ever changing consumers, growing data privacy regulations, and increasing ad fees. There has to be a better way, and that’s why we’re here.


    We’ve created the Marteq platform where marketers and consumers connect on their terms. It’s where consumers feel empowered by owning all of their online data and where marketers can inquire to receive compliant and holistic digital stories. With deeper insights directly from their target audience, marketers can provide relevant and impactful personalized experiences.

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